Artist Statement

My interdisciplinary work includes large-scale immersive sculpture environments, stitched and altered book pages, and language-based conceptual projects. Common to all my work is an interest in spaces of transformation, theatricality, and odd/inexplicable love stories. I draw from narratives as diverse as The Odyssey, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and daytime soap operas as I consider how relationships are impacted by time, place, power structures, and by factors far less easily defined. My work hovers in spaces “between”—between abstraction and figuration, deterioration and regeneration, elegance and awkwardness, generosity and obligation. My sculptural work is typically crafted from a wide variety of humble materials (sewing thread, paper, wire- amongst many others) and I am greatly interested in process. I emphasize a visual language (and a written one, in text based pieces) that suggests the unfinished or incomplete, and might evoke the question, “What happens next?” I consider these spaces of not knowing to be both complex and generative despite, or perhaps due to, the resulting cliffhanger of uncertainty.