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Sound piece

What is the most beautiful day of the week?

What question will you never answer?

How thirsty were you 6 weeks ago?

What sexual activity can you not imagine?

Why are you afraid of larvae?

How many can you stand?

Do you have a name for the thing in the drain?

Where do you not want to feel pain?

What do you feel when you bite into it?

What is the smell of soft water?

Which breast do you refer to as Agnes?

Have you ever put something wrong in the microwave?

How ugly is your mother’s cousin?

Why are its ears like pancakes?

Why, for example, not Daniel Day Lewis?

Will the world end in time?

Do you think tomorrow will be different?

What do you remember of that night?

Would it help if I touched it?

Why do you call me that?

What is the difference between coma & comma?

Does the warmth of it itch?

Will the soup boil before you climax?

Where did you last see yellow?

Where are his hands?

Are the pimples the purest part?

What do you feed a former friend?

What is the sound of sticky?

How many times a day can you look at your watch?

Do you care?

How do you know there are no chocolate chip cookies?

How many steps are you from there?

Why is love like a piano?

Why do you equate cinnamon with grief?

Can you picture me wearing a blond wig?

When will you build a maximum security prison to house my enemies?

Where are you hiding the overripe fruit?

Are there scales on top?

What about crying?

What are the advantages of aging gracefully?

Why won’t you eat my cantaloupe?

How is your blood type related to my punishment?

Can it happen twice?

How big?

Are your yawns especially delectable?

Does it rain in here?

Where is my sister’s money?

What object is curled, wooden, & gummy?

Did you see what she did to me in my dream?

Why are you so dishonest with my therapist?

Do you sweat afterwards?

How fast could it run?

What don’t you remember?

What do Zycam & Zoloft have in common?

Where did you hide the feral cats?

Is it softer when cold?

Knees or elbows?

Why is green Jello so much more spiritual than red?

Things I Must Know (Before I Love You)